About me



Writing about myself seems so trivial. Nine times out of ten I would guess that no one even looks at this page. But, if you would like to know, I’m Hannah; I’m quiet (at times), love to dance, run, ride roller coasters and am always hankering for a drink by 5 pm on a Friday. I’m adventurous and inquisitive which means most weekends you’ll find me out and about with my camera. I also fancy myself a bit of a nerd, so if I don’t have a camera in front of my face, I’ll be in front of my computer learning something new, studying or completing future assessments.

As of June 2018, I uprooted my Brisbane lifestyle and moved to the Sunshine Coast to work with my family. I live in the beautiful Beerwah hinterland waking up to the sounds of trees rustling and birds singing at my window each morning. I work alongside my mum, stepdad and sister at one of Australia’s leading manufacturing and metal product companies which is a change from working 9-5 at an Accounting firm in Brisbane city, and surprisingly a lot more challenging. On the side of work, I am studying a Bachelor of Mass Communications, majoring in Journalism and Media and Communications at the Queensland University of Technology. I also work as a freelance photographer and have had the opportunity to photograph a couple of projects and events.

I bought my first camera when I was 14. I worked weekends in high school so I could buy what I thought at the time was a top range camera. My camera didn’t leave my side; I constantly annoyed my family by taking photos of them all day every day. From there I grew a passion for writing, it wasn’t until English class in year 12 that I decided I wanted to become a journalist. However, after upgrading to what is still my current camera five years ago, I realised I had to find some way to combine my love of writing with my obsession with photography.