Image: Michael Brack died in November 2015.

FRIENDS of 16-year-old drug dealer Michael Brack appeared in Brisbane Supreme Court on Tuesday to give their eyewitness accounts of the murder.

Michael Brack planned to sell 14 grams of cannabis for $160 to 24-year-old Ryan John Howes at shops on the Gold Coast on 14 November 2015.

The court heard how Brack’s alleged murderer, Howes, heard “two clicks” of a gun before he stabbed the teenager.

Witness Reece Rowe denied that Brack had brought a gun with him on the night.

“I know for a fact he didn’t have a gun there … in his possession or anything.

“He told me a few months before that he had gotten rid of it.”

During evidence on Tuesday, the jury was shown text messages between Brack and Mr Rowe, in which they appeared amused to acts of violence.

“Let’s actual bash someone … some cash junkie,” Mr Rowe wrote about a week before Brack’s death.

“Hahahah yes c**** I ended up breaking that c**** cheekbone on Saturday night,” Brack responded.

“That’s loose gotta get loose this weekend and bash some c****,” Mr Rowe suggested.

Under cross-examination from Crown Prosecutor Glen Cash, Mr Rowe’s girlfriend, Reality Marschke-Hand told the court Rowe owned a replica pistol.

“I knew that he had one [replica pistol], but he didn’t have one on the night.

“It was in Reece’s backpack … in my bedroom just on the floor.”

Ms Marschke-Hand described Howe as “scruffy [and] looked a bit dirty” when they had met.

“You could tell he wasn’t exactly sober.

“I noticed him holding something behind his back just before things started getting aggressive.”

Ms Marschke-Hand went on to tell the court that Howes had asked Brack and Mr Rowe for a lift so he could get the money from his house.

Ms Marschke-Hand’s fifteen-month-old daughter was in the car at the time.

“Reece told him they couldn’t because the car was full.

“His [Howes] arm reached around the car seat and door, and he had that knife in his (right) hand as we tried to drive off.

After the altercation, Ms Marschke-Hand told the court Rowe had come back to the car.

“He said he wasn’t leaving because Michael was dying.

“He came back to the car and grabbed something from under the seat … now I know it was a meat mallet.”

“We got the phone call from a guy saying your friends with us, and he’s bleeding,” Mr Rowe said.

“I didn’t know he was going to be dying … he’s a bit loose, but he had some shit on him, I didn’t know what to do.”

The trial continues.

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