This site is a place where the issues I feel relevant come to surface. This is a place where I will delve, explore and climb to great lengths to tell someone else’s story, sharing their passions along with my own through the simple use of words and imagery.

People think that words are difficult, that they can never find the right ones. I agree. Wholeheartedly. But if you focus and put your heart into it, the words flow like the clouds through the sky.

B. 1994
Brisbane, AU

Doing her own thing on her own

Hannah Orr was born July 12, 1994 in Brisbane, Australia and learned to read and write at a young age. Hannah has a passion for photography and the feeling of energy and brightness it gives her. She has a unique view of the world and how it looks through her lens. Hannah loves to dance and loves to spread her smile where she sees it’s needed. She is eccentric, interesting and has strange addictions. Get to know her a little?